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Journal of the Tragically Un-Inspired

Jul. 25th, 2005

06:08 am - My Target resignation angst now has a body count...

As I may or may not have mentioned (writing this offline for now, and I just can’t remember) I applied for a position at a banks call center.
I was contacted soon after applying and set up a “group interview.” I HATE group interviews. They are a waste of time. Especially when they have you do those annoying “Get to know your neighbor and sell them to the company” type of exercises.
I always get paired up with the dumb bint who is only interested in whether you think her top is not professional enough for the interview.
I play fair. I find out as much information as they are willing to give and then give them lots of ammo for me. After all this is about how quickly you can adapt and learn and remember. Not in their eyes. It is about making them sound like a good candidate and then backhandedly commenting on how you are probably not quite suited for the position everyone is going for.
Since this was that turds game, I decided it was time to play back. It worked well and got me a second interview the next day. A one on one interview.
I hate to pat my own back too much, but if I can get a one on one interview I can get the job 90 percent of the time.
I in fact was offered the job on the spot, to which I gleefully accepted. It was during her offering that she said some rather interesting things to me.
She told me I came off very competent and confident. The funny thing is I really was not sure if I was going to be able to pull this one off. I have customer service skills and can deal with the most aggravating and hostile people calmly, but never on a phone.
I was really nervous and unsure. I guess I managed to cover that up pretty well. It kind of mad me think about how others see me. Maybe I covered up my nervousness so well because I am used to it. To pretending I am brave and know what I am doing when most times I truly am just winging it and have no idea how any of this is going to turn out. It definitely worked to my advantage, as she seemed rather upset I would not be under her direct supervision after graduating from my five weeks of paid training.
Yes. That is correct. I said five weeks of 40 hours a week at 10 dollars an hour for just training. All tests are open book/computer/teacher exams. I just don’t see how I could mess this up, and that has me a little worried as well.
Can’t be too over-confident.
But I went to work and immediately put in my weeks resignation (and they are damned lucky they got that. Working at Target right now actually makes me physically sick. I come home and am ill several times out of the week) and proceeded to tell everyone I felt worthy of telling about this wonderful position and how there were still some open and they should hurry and apply.
So I was the first one out. The first in the on-going body count on the over-night team. That was last Wednesday. Then just tonight/this morning, two others put in their two weeks. I inspired one and the other is going back to college. What is worse is that of the eight or nine people who work in the backroom with me, three more of them are talking about quitting now as well.
The body count is up to three, and possibly three more to come soon. They are losing all the actual working employees. We are tired of being told we need to work harder to pick up these other losers slack. It is not a pretty sight and I almost feel sorry for my manager.
He isn’t a terrible guy, just not the best at running the backroom. Not to mention the other leads in the store aren’t exactly the most helpful either.
Anyway, enough of my ranting about work. New job. New benefits, like bonuses and other such wonders. New opportunities, and a real daytime schedule. Good stuff will come of this I am sure.
Also this Friday I get my newest tattoo. I am so excited over that.
I am trying to find a digital camera to get a few shots of it. Then I could share it with all three or four of you who read this.

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Jul. 18th, 2005

06:11 am - Pondering

So I have been spending a lot of time thinking.
I've figured some things out. Like my new tattoo, which I shall be getting shortly. What originally started out as a simple Gonzo dagger Image hosted by Photobucket.com, turned into a whole fear and loathing theme that will hopefully take up the whole of my right calf. It'll be expensive but worth it I think.
I have a first interview with a bank tomorrow to be a phone banker. It'll be better than where I am working because it won't be where I am currently working. That place will kill me of high blood pressure or a severe puncture wound soon if I do not leave.
I have also figured out a few personal things. Some of the reasons why I have been acting so strangely. Discovered some issues I have with relationships and people in general.
We are finally getting some summer here. It is sad because the nights are so nice. Perfect nights to find a nice beach and sit on your car hood staring up and listening to the current sound track of my life.
Its hard to find the time or someone to do that with. Someone who understands that they don't need to talk during the hour/s spent just melting into the background. It seems to be that recently I am only happy when my senses of self become detached from my body and become intertwined with the surrounding environment.
Its almost like not existing at all.

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Jun. 22nd, 2005

06:10 am - What is it with these old guys?

I mean seriously now. I have known my fair share of recently divorced, older guys and I am starting to notice a disturbing trend. They smell. BAD.
I know I just may be horribly generalizing, but I am basing this on my personal experiences so fuck off you point of view police.
Anyway, case in point; guy at work is older and quiet and slightly... strange. I have no confirmed knowledge he is in fact divorced, but he just emits that vibe. And that is not all he emits. Today he was rank.
I know it has been hot and muggy of late, but I also know that a man of his age should know better and use deodorant.
The only thing that saved me was that he was moving even slower than he usually does and that meant he was sweating less. And when I say he moves slow, snails would ask him to hurry up or get out of the way.
Sadly I seem to be the one they partner him up with the most. I don't know why. I frequently show my dissatisfaction of this pairing vocally and visually. But does anyone notice. If they do they ignore it.
I think their thinking is that if they team me up with him he'll move faster because I move faster than he does. Sadly they don't realize this is not true. Slow people slow faster people down. Not the other way around. And slow stinky people make ME HOMICIDAL!
So if you know old people, or are married to one; please make them bath... EVERYDAY! And also make them use deodorant once in the morning and once in mid afternoon. For the sake of my olfactory senses.
Oh well could be worse. Tonight is my last day at work for three days and the only down side is that the Wicked Witch of Monroe will be there, but I rarely deal with her anyway.

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Jun. 21st, 2005

07:25 pm - Why not

I just got news that D-X maybe hitting financial troubles. It doesn't make me real happy in that way I am dancing, but honestly that place is poorly run and quite often lethargically run.
Not to mention they charge for things you can get free elsewhere. Just not smart business.
Anyway I only have 50 days until I move to Port Huron. Not that any of you really care. I mean I did kill this account. But it IS my account and I will resurrect it at any time i feel.
So that is the random posting for this quarter. I'll probably update again after the move.

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Apr. 18th, 2005

06:24 am - First real random entry in weeks

Weird last couple of days here.
Finally getting good sleep and back on a sleeping schedule. Seems somehow my sleeping situation was linked to a momentary lack of protein in my diet.
Or perhaps it is not. I do say there is a correlation, but we all know (or should know by now) that correlation does not show causality, just that two or more things happen at around the same time.
Work has been getting better. Been working with H and the other “girls” in soft lines. It is nice to have a breath of fresh air like that. Especially when people you don’t work with often begin to request your presence.
I also am apparently not as big a fuck up as I like to make myself out to be. My boss S has been getting better as well, but that is putting me on guard. I am always suspicious of people like that. It isn’t exactly that he showed true disdain for me at any given point, but I know I am nowhere near being his favorite. More likely I’d convert to Catholicism first than ever being called S’s favorite. Makes me wonder what exactly is going on. Could just be he was going on vacation and was happy about that.
We have this new manager as well and I can’t remember he name to save my life except that it starts with an S I think. SO I shall call her S2. She is weird. Came from Vegas or California or both. This woman is peppy too, too peppy. The type of manager that calls people “troops.” She isn’t annoying me per se, but I know not too soon from now I will probably rant and rant about how I dislike here and just how irritating she truly is.

In other news… well there is no real other news. I am glad I have picked up on some of the nuances of the new HTML and CSS tags. I may someday pick up some book and re-teach myself these new additions. I taught myself HTML 10-years-ago in less than 12 hours so I figure this shouldn’t be any trouble. Add tot hat now I have some training in design theory and have easy access to many with far more training in design I should be able to start whipping up my own masterpieces, although I probably won’t.
Need to find a good book on Buddhism. No centers close enough to warrant travel in the automobiles current state. It is best not to push it too far or else I may end up on foot again.
Really wish I had more creative outputs. Writing is nice, but I haven’t got the mental energy to really put into something like writing right now.
All that rewriting and mulling over topics. It really is a full time job… well sometimes, so that would make it a part-time full-time job. I would mull over news stories for a week or more before I even wrote anything, just constructing things in my head. Then I’d write and often times try to re-write three times.
Writing for fun takes even more effort on my part. But back to my original point, I wish I had something like ceramics, or something. Something that only took a few hours to do and could make me feel productive. Perhaps I shall start sketching again. A pad isn’t to expensive and pencils are cheap.

Wow this is the longest entry since I ranted about those damnable book peddlers. So far I like the fit of this new home. We shall see how long the fit appeals to me.

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Apr. 16th, 2005

09:04 am - Not apologetic

I am done here. I tried an experiment and well it just didn't work.
I am not sure to do with this. Might keep it, but probably won't.
Eventually I may turn this into something where I do some sort of weekly reveiw of something (book, movie, videogame)but for now I need to plan that out.
Thanks to those who came by and observed this failed attempt at whatever it was I was trying to do.

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Apr. 9th, 2005

10:19 am - Students DO deserve fair book pricing - By Heroboy (guest)

Remember when I ranted about pig-fucker publishers? Remember I swore vengeance?
Well apparently my ranting and raving to a certain Senator Cantwell resulted in that senator writing back to me. It would seem that this is an issue. In fact the NY Times reported that in 2003 students found that textbooks sold here in the U.S. for $100 were sold overseas for sometimes more than 50 percent less.
In response apparently the House of Representatives decided that that was wrong and created a bill (H.R. 3567) to investigate the publishing industries pricing policies and "the apparent" differences outside the U.S.
It would seem now that the bill was "referred to the House Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness where it awaits consideration."
Well I also know that this committee has been "considering" this bill since Jan, 30 2004. By my count that is close to a year and a half.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think we deserve to find out what is going on with this bill and its status. I also think it is time we (as college students past, present or future) took a decided interest in this topic and started asking questions of the publishers and writers as well as our representatives. I think we also need to push this with those on the committee.
Many of them have e-mail addresses and web pages listed, others have mail addresses and telephone numbers listed. It is time to contact them and make sure they aren't sitting on their thumbs on this.
The costs of books can be up to $1000 annually on average. This pushes up the debt of students forced to take student loans, discourages potential students and burdens an already weighted government funding system in terms of grants for students.
I say the publishers are done with their raping of the college students pocketbook. It is our duty to stand up and say, "Enough is Enough. We demand fair practices and fair pricing."
I urge all students to write local media and ask them to investigate on this. Call your Senators and Representatives. Make a big fucking stink in general.
I in the mean time will be in contemplation of whether to start some sort of organization, what focus we would have, what actions we would take, and what people I can trust to take with me on this ride.

Mar. 7th, 2005

12:12 pm - Letter from the Creator

Dear Reader,

I write this to you because I wish to apologize. It has come to my attention that I have pretty much abandoned my efforts here.
It was not my intent to begin a story and never finish it. Aside from the late and great HST memorial, which was written by Heroboy, I have left you all hanging as to what was going on.
Honestly I have no excuse. I have tried to write that story. But there is no way to write it that is amusing. It is a terrible story in which I am forced to drive around drug skags and then blackmailed into beating some young thug bloody.
Did he deserve it?
I am sure he might have. But that is not what I wanted. The trip was supposed to be relaxing. It was anything but.
I didn’t even get properly intoxicated the entire time.
So to you reader I offer these humble apologies and promises that soon I shall have more to offer you. I shall write… something. Perhaps my takings on world events or something.
Yours truly,
Palo Jones

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Feb. 25th, 2005

05:39 pm - Death of an American Original

“Some may never live, but the crazy never die.”
- Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson, the acclaimed author of such works as “Hell’s Angels” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” committed suicide on Feb. 20 in his Woody Creek Colorado home known as “The Owl Farm.”
Since his death, there has been much speculation among fans about why he would commit suicide. Many conjectured that Thompson’s health had been a reason for his suicide. Thompson had recently broken a leg and had to have a hip replacement. Recent reports from the family tell us that was most likely not a factor, nor any sort of severe depression.
Thompson’s family has given statements to the press saying that his suicide itself was not a shock but rather the timing of the suicide. Thompson, who was 67 when he took his own life, had been giving verbal and written directives about what was to be done with his belongings and unpublished work. He also had been talking about suicide with his second wife Anita Thompson to the point that it became a sore spot in their relationship.
Anita went on to tell reporters that she felt Thompson had wanted to “leave on top of his game.”
According to recent articles, Thompson’s son Juan as well as his daughter-in-law and granddaughter were in the house at the time of death. Thompson called Anita at a local Aspen gym and asked her to come home and help him work on his weekly ESPN.com column when he set down the phone and shot himself in the head.
One of Thompson’s final wishes was to have his remains shot out of a canon. Ralph Steadman, close friend and illustrator for many of Thompson’s works, told Guardian Unlimited that this had been his wish for quite sometime.
“When we made a BBC Arena film called Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood in 1977, Hunter said: "Ralph, we've got to go to a funeral director's. We've got to plan the monument for the event of my death." I said: "How about some 100ft upright stainless steel tubes gathered into one bunch, and on top there'll be the fist of gonzo?" "Two thumbs!" said Hunter, "always remember, two thumbs!"”
Steadman went on to say that the plan would be for the device to launch Thompson’s cremated remains over the valley that can be seen from Thompson’s “fortified compound.” As of now, family and friends are finding out exactly how to make it happen.
Speculation on the cause of Thompson’s suicide aside, it is clear that he made a large impact on American Culture, which can be seen by the large amounts of tributes seen on television alone. From mentions on Larry King Live to the Daily Show dedicating its “Moment of Zen” to Cartoon Networks Adult Swim dedicating one of the in between show bumps to him, Thompson has obviously touched many of us with his work and outlooks on life.
Thompson’s family and friends will be gathering at the Belly Up nightclub in Aspen, a favorite hangout of Thompson, March 5 to tribute his life and a public celebration of Thompson’s life is planned for summer.

Jan. 28th, 2005

01:45 pm - Why did I come back here?

"Jesus, I just think you ran over a cat you weird demented bastard!" I screamed at Abe.
You see Abe doesn't believe that laws are in fact laws but mere suggestions he can dismiss at any time. At times this is commendable behavior, but never when driving in a convertible S-2000.
"These people will never respect you if you keep screaming like a god damned pussy," Abe snapped back at me.
"That reminds me why the hell am I going to meet these people? And who the hell are they? You don't even seem to know their names."
"Oh I know their names, and you will too but first they got to check you out."
The whole thing gave me an overwhelming sense of dread. I didn't like this scenario one bit. I was supposed to be down here for a relaxing visit to old stomping grounds. Not that I miss much about L.A. and San Diego. I mean I can hardly remember them. People in my circle say that if you remember anything you weren't really there. I just wish I remembered why traveling so far south on I-5 filled me with so many feelings of dread and terror.

At this point I was distracted by a floating six pack of Extra Stout attached to a lovely pair of hands... feminine hands. Sorry folks, the story will just have to wait, hormones and beer have won again.

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